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Pyrenean mountain dog Giusto is main reason for my website building and photography hobbies.

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A Trip of the Lifetime - South Africa

In September 2015 I had the privilege of travel to South Africa for almost 3 weeks. It had been many years a dream for me to see all the wildlife, animals and landscapes of Africa. I once dared to speak about this dream to our Dutch friends Hans and Maud, who have travelled many times to SA in the past years. I told them, that think about it, but if I could one day travel with you. To my big surprise, they immediately said yes, of course! let's start planning when and how. This was somewhere in year 2012. Pretty soon we found that perfect time would be 2015, and because Maud has her 50th birthday in late September, we fixed that.
So it was a long and joyful journey quite long before we even left home at all. Maud and Hans really took time and effort on planning the itinerary, but it was worth it. Everything, I mean everything was 100% perfect, the route, the accommodations, catering, the wildlife, company, you name it. I am still amazed how well they had thought of all the minor and major things that came up during the journey.  I have no idea how an earth I can ever pay them back this experience.
South Africa

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